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Are You Kidding Me?!!

Posted: February 28, 2013 in It angers me...

It is one thing to tell the men and women in your life how much you’d appreciate if they’d shut up and submit to your orders without question but it is a sad day when a fan page officially claiming to follow a certain religious scholar, quotes such general mannerisms that apply to men and women equally and that too strictly on an as-and-when-applicable basis, as if they were the ten (or fifteen; or twenty; or pick a number) Holy Commandments specifically directed toward women alone. And then it gets shared over a thousand mindless pages like a duty unto God! How Nalayak!

Feast your eyes on these if you will – along with my take on it all:

The beauty of a woman lies IN HER SILENCE rather than her speech..(Yeah! So does a man’s! And I could say that without doubt and hesitation for each and every one of the following BEAUTY SECRETS FOR A WOMAN but I won’t – simply for the sake of variety in invectives.)

The beauty of a woman lies IN HER VEIL rather than her face…(Uh-huh! Yeah, sure! Listen, that baby in the pic that you posted – not of age for the veil yet. Check the scriptures if you have to. I’m a woman so I’m pretty sure about the ‘veil’ stuff. Also, men are ordered to veil their eyes just as much so worry about that. Preach that! Furthermore, beauty of a woman does lie in her eyes, her hair, her lips, her figure and her voice – hence the veil to protect it all from sleaze balls who can’t veil their eyes and minds.)

The beauty of a woman lies IN HER SUBMISSION rather that her leadership..(I know! She must not compete! Or else you’ll never win, you poor man!)

The beauty of a woman lies IN HER SMILE rather than her laughter..(Here – use the whitening strips she uses and stop being so negative.)

The beauty of a woman lies IN HER PATIENCE rather than her inquisitiveness..(Don’t sweat. Google will help her. You can stop pretending to be smarter and relax. You’re off the hook. Thanks for the act though.)

The beauty of a woman lies IN HER ABODE rather than her adventure..(Oh, don’t you worry hon. She got GPS now. She knows where she’s going.)

The beauty of a woman lies IN HER OFFSPRING rather than herself..(Hence, all women who cannot bear children are ugly by default. They should shrivel up and die. Nobody wants them.)

The beauty of a woman lies IN HER EXPERIENCE rather than her age..(This is why we have Botox! You need not see our wrinkles.)

The beauty of a woman lies IN HER HEART DEPTH rather than in skin deep..(Okay, this is simply wrong English!)

The beauty of a woman lies in her SUBMISSION to ALLAH (Subhanahu wa ta’ala) because HE is the Creator of such a beautiful creation called “ Woman ..!!” (This is where you stop ogling. Please, wipe that drool off the floor.)

To keep things real, here’s the link to the actual post:

You’re welcome!

Once upon a time in the Land of the Pure, there lived ordinary people like you and I. With families, relatives and neighbours surrounding them, they were a happy lot. And why not? They lived where they were respected. Nobody questioned which mosque, temple or church they went to. They were free to go wherever they liked, and no one dared question their residency. However, over the years, they left their country gradually. Some for economic reasons, others for further studies, and there were those who sought political asylums in foreign lands. They chose to be displaced and became outcasts in hope for a better future. But wherever they went, they have clung on to the one identity that they related to – being a Pakistani.

They were not alone. It has been and continues to be the foundation with which every Pakistani shares as a nation. Despite our adoptive nationalities, whether British, Australian, Canadian, American or Norwegian etc., at the end of the day home is where the heart is. Deny as we might, we have some form of Pakistaniat in us, which makes us proud, cringe, flaunt, despair, and as in the current scenario in the country – empathise whenever our country’s name is mentioned.


Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry, Times of Ummah

 So one fine day, February 11, 2013 to be exact, when Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry declares in court, “How can somebody who takes an oath of allegiance to another country be loyal to Pakistan?” it has been like a slap on the face of the Pakistani expat community. Is he serious? More importantly, is he sane? If the Chief Justice of the country is going through PMS, he should kindly refrain from flaunting it. This is not merely matter diplomacy. His position defines and unites the people of Pakistan (remember unity, faith, and discipline?) To use it as platform for vengeful agendas is contempt of the justice system, and a disgrace to us people, who need this court to uphold our ideology.


Earthquake 2005, The News

Even if, for a moment, we think without prejudice about this statement, does it mean that we have no constitutional right whatsoever? Even the right to generate parties after parties at our whims? Fair enough. After all, we merely have a national identification card (NIC) to go our local embassies for passport renewal purposes. Or need be, donate “generously” in times of crises like earthquakes, floods, epidemics and a host of other occasions. It doesn’t matter if our hard earned money is instead being used to fund hate groups, sectarian killers, gangs and payment for the hoodlums who protect the Chief Justice; we are to follow the dictum “hear no evil, see no evil, talk no evil”. If by way of patriotism we give preference to Pakistani traders abroad to uplift local enterprises, increase remittances by sending home more money, it is our business, not Pakistan’s.


Flood 2011, Beena Sarwar Blog

Our only right, it seems, as Pakistanis living abroad is to vote for any nincompoop leader that gets lucky with Western aid funds, and to answer the multitude impossible questions posed by foreigners. Pakistan, you mean where bomb blasts occur all the time? Why is your country always in a state of war? There is a lot of fundamentalism in Pakistan, isn’t there? No. Yes. Sometimes. Does not matter how defensive we get trying to explain why we still love the country. Apni mitti hai, sona he rehayga.- Janil Jean


For Murtaza Haider. For Hazara!

Posted: February 22, 2013 in It angers me...

For Murtaza Haider. For Hazara!

I did not know Dr Ali Haider or his family personally. I am not a Shia. Yet my wife and I sat last night, crying over the picture of Murtaza Haider. My wife said, “I just want to go and embarce his mother, but what will I say to her?’

What can anyone say to her or the families of all those innocents killed by this blinding hate. Some of us are even afraid to shed tears for them, let alone stand up against the terrorist thugs. This is my country, my homeland, where the death screams of the innocents are drowned out by the deafening silence of our media who is so afraid to even name the ideology that perpetrates this savagery. We are all in it. The police and the judges conspire to free the few who are arrested and tried. On TV we have the apologists for these terrorists (they are our brothers!!!, or it is America) and the sickening hypocrisy of the politicians like Sharif brothers and Imran Khan making gurgling noises while sharing a bed with these murderers. And the government, oh the government, they don’t even pretend to care anymore. It is not their job to sort this out. They just have to survive and be ready for the next game of “Politieecs”. Poor Hazarans! They want the army to take over. Don’t they know that these terrorists are considered “strategic assets” by many in our intelligence agencies and their ideological brothers preach from every pulpit in the army mosques about the Holy Jihad against the infidels.

(nicked from a friend’s FB wall…with many thanks.)

He’s not my boy, but I weep for him as much as for my own son. His searching eyes and his listless cries, wrenches my heart. His ragged breaths and his war torn body appeal for mercy. Is he yours, asks one passer-by. Where is his mother, asks another. No one is answering but everyone is looking.

No, this little angel does not know who is a Shia or who is a Sunni; who is from a security force or who is from a terrorist group. What he knows is irreparable loss – loss of his family, loss of his body, loss of his innocence and loss of his future. He will never be anybody’s boy but he will probably become a social stigma, traumatized and disillusioned by his fate when he grows up.

He is not mine or yours but he could easily be anybody’s son, transcending borders, anywhere from Karachi, Kabul, Oslo to Newtown. It does not matter where he is from. What matters is that he is among millions who have become victims of violence. A political discord here and an offence there; an extremist gone wild or a psychopath lurking somewhere, will continue to subject innocent people to inhuman violence.

All we will do is look and share. There is not much we, an educated lot, can do about it. We are helpless in stopping others from killing our children. As we hide our heads in the sand, the silence is getting heavier. It’s time.  – Janil Jean

From Waheed Akhtar Bukhari's photo.

From Waheed Akhtar Bukhari’s photo.

There are two p…

Posted: February 21, 2013 in Qoutes

There are two powers in the world; one is the sword and the other is the pen. There is a great competition and rivalry between the two. There is a third power stronger than both, that of the women.

Mohammad Ali Jinnah