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Happy Independence Day

A flowering tree in my neighbor’s backyard unabashedly shades most of my driveway. It sprinkles its pink petals all over the place, lending my driveway a fairytale look in quiet summer afternoons. Its shade turns a shade mistier in the fall and when spring comes, it is the first burst of fresh green on my way to my garage. In winter, it is the first tree to let me know that it’s time to get a wrap; that it’s getting cold.

It’s just a tree. It doesn’t care for the fence that keeps its roots on the other side. It makes a part of my house beautiful all the same…

PS: No, I did not just copy this from anywhere. Yes, there really is a tree. And my neighbor is Indian (no, not Red) who greeted me to her neighborhood with a Calla Lily that sprouts basanti yellow blossoms.