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No Love.

Posted: November 3, 2013 in It angers me...

No Love.

Pakistani schoolteacher Rafiq ur Rehman and his two children came to Washington, DC to give their account of a U.S. drone attack in the remote tribal region of North Waziristan last October. Washington’s response: a Congressional NO SHOW.

Yes, yes, how hateful of them Amreekeez! Death to them and so on and so forth. But as my friends tell me, I’m wired all wrong. This ‘historic’ hearing raised a lot of questions in my mind – just not maybe the kind you’d want to answer. Buckle up ‘cause here they come:

• Did these brave children appeal to their very own Parliament in Islamabad before going to Washington?

• If not, then why not?

• If yes, then were they heard?

• If they were heard then why were no drones struck down while violating Pakistani airspace?

• Do we not have anti-aircraft guns?

• What about the ones we bring out every twenty-third of every March every year since the dawn of anti-aircraft/drones/whathaveyou guns in Pakistan to terrify India – I mean our enemies?

• By the way, is Waziristan even our jurisdiction? Are they bound by the Constitution of Pakistan the same as the rest of Pakistan?

• If yes, then why can’t we go there?

• If no, then why are they any of our concern?

• If, in any case (moral grounds and such) they happen to be our concern, were there any countrywide anti-drone protests? Any dharnas? Tiny ones the likes of done in favor of NA-250 re-election would do. Where is all that GHAYOOR AWAM?

• Do we have Ghayoor Awam?!

• If we do then how come our politicians are so beghairat when they’re chosen from amongst us?

• How long has Hamdard Khan been in power in KPK now? Why haven’t we stopped the NATO Supply Line already?

• Who in hell goes crying and begging for mercy from the E.N.E.M.Y? Unless it’s not really the Enemy but a SUSTAINER who is showing tough love as punishment for lack of discipline. Or a tyrannical Raja poking fun at his bechari re’aya. In which case, re’aya neither has ghairat nor sovereignty so lose those terms next time you talk about Pakistan.

• Why is it wrong to kill terrorists during ‘peace talks’ or peace process or whatever you call it, but okay to have our ministers and local populace butchered at the hands of said terrorists about the same time?

• Why not just say NO to US money because obviously beggars can’t be choosers. Old cliché; still works.

• Seems to me US of A is the woman in Pakistan’s life – can’t live with her, would certainly die without her since she’s the one who earns and holds the purse strings in the family, hence wears them pants too.

The last one was not a question, lest you go sue me for not putting a question mark at the end of the sentence.

I’m not defending drones. I’m only asking what we are doing about it as Pakistanis in Pakistan. If we don’t have the guts to stand up for our own causes, the world wouldn’t care. So Mr. PM should stop that flood of crocodile tears and keep them handy for a rainy day in his life and man up and bring down a drone if he so hates them.

Now that we know America’s response to our incessant pleas to stop drones – out of 535 congress members, only 5 cared to show up at the hearing – can we now please begin to think?

Have a good brain or day or both – whichever is more valuable for you to have!

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