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December 16, 2014 – my Facebook news feed has been in black out for some 24 hours now. The tragedy is one that surpasses all we’ve seen until now. There’s anger, grief, fear, and amidst all that there’s also a sense of ‘nothing will come out of it as usual.’

For one thing, the PTI sit-in has ended, and while that may not be happy news for some, we are really not concerned about that right now. What we really are concerned with is why does CNN keep saying the 132 children were killed for going to school?

They must be corrected! They must be told that the children were killed as retaliation to Zarb-e-Azb. And FYI those dead were also Muslims so if you’re going to equate Islam with terrorism, we pity you for your lack of perspective/education/brains. And also that this war is imposed upon us because of the West’s war on terror.

I agree with all that except the latter part. It IS my war. It has been my war since the first time the Taliban said they didn’t believe in the constitution of Pakistan, attacked a Pakistani city, killed a Pakistani civilian, posed as a security threat to the Pakistani nation.

But where is my call to jihad?

Instead we have another committee formed to compile another report that will be archived soon enough.

Since 2008, 800 schools have been attacked all over the country but without any backlash from the government who is responsible to react. Over 300 Talibans were FREED by the government instead of being hung/stoned/shot. All the while, our people were killed (over 50,000 now thank you), soldiers were butchered (must’ve heard about the 23?), airports, military bases and historic monuments were attacked and burned down.

Pakistan did NOTHING.

Well, nothing except hate Malala Yousufzai, which actually makes me wonder: what if one of the survivors, the 13 year old who pretended she was dead to stay alive or the 16 year old who stuffed his own tie in his mouth to keep from screaming, stood up and raised his/her voice against the aggressors? Would the Nation condone that? Would that be enough to fight back this terrorism? Because the last time somebody spoke up against TTP after she survived their attack, we engaged in heavy victim shaming, called her an agent/puppet of the West, despised her for her Nobel, outlawed and disowned her.

A brave Pakistani girl like her has an anti-Malala day while Maulvi Abdul Aziz has air time to spew more hate and condone the Peshawar attack.

Where is my call to jihad?

Pakistan being such a ginormous fortress of Islam, a nuclear state, with a fully functional army – what more would we have to bear to uphold the sanctity of this Islamic state? Sanctity of ginormous fortress was flogged, shredded, raped, murdered, brutalized, and tainted decades ago while we thought it was more important to hang Asia Bibi (but spare Junaid Jamshed), burn and kill the non-Muslims and the wrong Muslims (but negotiate with the terrorists). Okay, we were being patient (read: stupid) and the better person (victim) but now the children are dead!

I think it’s time for Pakistan to bring on the jihad!

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