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Posted: June 23, 2013 in It angers me..., Poetry, Qoutes

Silent faces
Silent bloodied faces, still bodies, frozen smiles
Who are you?
—-a news headline?
a number?
—all fourteen of you?
Was any of you named Aamena?
I might grieve for you if so
Because that little Aamena, I hold in my arms
My life, my light
She might
Just remind me enough that you are just like her—were just like her!
Of course you are not like her at all
She is here with me,
And I am here with her, will always be,
And then there are prayers, and love and oh all that promise of life!
No, no, she is not like you at all
You are just a news headline, a number,
See, no one even knows your names
And even before your blood has dried on your faces
We are going to have to sit down
With the people (they are just people)
Who killed you
And ask them
Naively enough
Please tell us
What do you want?
Let us talk
About common grounds and let us
So that we can have peace
Because otherwise
My Aamena might be in danger
And though you may have been a bit like her
You are not, like her at all
Because you are a news headline, an incident
For which
People claim responsibility
And those responsible are
After all
Our brothers, aren’t they
They just want to purify us
And yes they are a bit overzealous
But now then, we have to be sensible
And talk with them
So, no
I don’t want to know your names
Because names will give you faces
And faces will give you souls
And no
I don’t want to be haunted by any souls
Come on, Aamena
Time for bed now—sleep tight!

Ather Kazmi pays tribute to the victims. Thank you so much for this!

“QUETTA: At least 25 people, including the deputy commissioner of Quetta, 14 students of a women’s university and four nurses were killed on Saturday when a bomb tore through a bus, followed by a suicide attack and a gunbattle in the Bolan Medical College hospital, where the injured students were taken for treatment.”